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taste and security of a longtime trend styling specialist

security of holding a product in your hands that meets these quality requirements.

no mass-produced good ,only a limited edition or unique items .

absolut high quality standard

everything , like me, made in Germany !

Petra Wiebe

is a Munich - Palermo - Palma based freelance stylist and fashion editor with a creative family background. Her father was an interior designer and her sister is a celebrated German fashion designer.

Petra began her independent career at 25 as a window designer, training at Ludwig Beck Munich and Kadewe Berlin, visualising future trends for the German Fashion Institute DMI, and eventually becoming a stylist and producer with responsibility for developing fashion and editorial concepts, catalogue productions, backstage fashion show management and art

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to sent me a message or e mail - telephone might be expensive if I am abroad.

+49 171 2636311